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Heroes always want to slay a dragon, but now the tables have turned! Play as an army of undead dark knights resurrected by mysterious Dracarr dragon who's apparently stuck in some kind of cave? Kill those foolish heroes who are only interested in the wealths accumulated by the dragon. Resurrect fallen enemies and make them fight on your side! As long as there are fresh corpses on the battlefield you can ressurect and continue fighting even when your knight was killed. But be aware - some heroes are stronger then others!

Rules are simple - Town uses coins to hire heroes. Heroes try to slay dragon. You can attack them as well as the town gate and rob them. If there are corpses on the battlefield dragon will let you resurrect them to fight on your side from time to time. If you die and the dragon still lives you can resurrect and take over new knight.

Game requires two gamepads for 2 player mode.

Full level gameplay

Have fun!

Install instructions

Unzip and run exe.


Knights Of Dracarr 449 MB

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