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Since it's fall let's fall into a blue mood. Your task is simple, get prepared for work and leave the apartment. There are no enemies, besides those within. Good luck.

WASD for movement, mouse for looking around, Left mouse button for interaction.

All shadwos screwed up, on last minute lightmass build :(

Whole game took 37hrs to make. If you know what you're doing you can finish it in 2 minutes :) And as it seems in an attempt to make sure it will be playabel i've switched the wrong bool, and now it's impossible to finish the game :) 

I'll update the realease with one with good shadows and playable as soon as it will be unlocked.

EDIT: Fixed version uploaded! Have fun!

Install instructions

Unzip & run


KastomSzop_GoodMorning.zip 145 MB
KastomSzop_GoodMorningFIXED.zip 145 MB


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Besides the weird shadows and the missing ending, I liked this game. 


Thanks a lot! It really made my day :) i'll post the updated version with properly baked shadows when they unlock uploads.